Security Planning & Architecture

Applications, perimeter, E-Business, topology, remote access.


Planning and architecture are two important elements of information technology security policy. CISS provides expertise and know-how to achieve compliance requirements in the most effective way.

Security planning and architecture involves wide arrays of competencies including IT, Security, Compliance, Risk Assessment, tools and processes to address legal and regulatory compliance issues.

All these have to be taken into account when developing IT security strategies that would align you’re your business goals.

As part of security planning and architecture services CISS provides:

Risk Management – Assessment of IT security threats, their potential impact on business assets, risk prioritization and development of mitigation strategies.

Security Policy Development – CISS has the expertise in developing IT security strategies, policies and procedures. Our flexible approach to policy development ensures that all procedures are aligned your business needs and the same time meet necessary security standards.

Security Architecture Development – we keep ourselves abreast of latest development in IT security solution to offer our clients architectural solutions based on best practices, helping them save human and financial resources while meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.

Security Controls Verification – is a way to make sure the proposed changes and solutions work as they are supposed to. Security controls verification results in sustainable IT policies in an organization.