Network Security Audit and Assessment

Threat & risk, policy, asset identification, wireless security

Network Security Audit is the first step in securing your network environment. The purpose of a network security audit is to ensure that a company has followed the necessary steps to protect data and to track access for accountability. It also aims review your network and provide you with a list of security vulnerabilities, and recommendations to secure your systems.

What is Network Security Audit?

Security audit is a set of periodic, pro-active compliance and assurance activities that help assess the security of the IT infrastructure of your organization. The audit encompasses security architecture, policy and vulnerability assessment.
Our vulnerability assessment report contains summary of the prioritized risk response actions needed to betake to eliminate or reduce your risks.

How is Network Security Audit done?

Our network security audits are performed on entire networks by qualified, certified professionals who have experience in ethical hacking. Segments of the computer network can be audited a well. During audit a series of probable scenarios is simulated to test the network’s exposure to security threats. Another goal of scenario simulation is to understand staff’s awareness and response to certain security breaches. The emulation is carried out in such a way that does not interrupt crucial network services.
As a result of the audit, CISS generates create a detailed a report of vulnerabilities and proposes most effective solutions to secure your network environment.
CISS has vast experience in formulating IT security guidelines, policies and procedures. Creation of clear policies and procedures is deemed as one of the most effective ways to improve IT security within an organization.

Below is the list of network security audits performed by CISS:

  • Internal network access
  • External network access
  • Wireless (802.11 & Bluetooth)
  • Written policies and manuals