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Security of the information systems in your organization is a complex matter, which requires many levels of protection: antivirus, spyware detection, antispam programs, firewalls and intrusion protection and detection

There is no universal tool or software to provide defense against all types of cyber threat and each computer requires a unique, customized approach.

Lost private information can cost you time and money. The average loss caused by cyber attack is about $15,000 to each individual victim.
According to the RCMP, computer crime is on the rise, but it can and should be prevented. We can assist you in protecting your information systems.

Securing your IT infrastructure does not end with installing the right software or buying the right type of equipment.

IT security is about developing proper policies and procedures, making sure that personnel of your organization receive proper training on how to keep corporate IT assets secure. Studies have shown that over 80% of all security breaches happen due to human errors. Training and procedures are required to minimize probability of human impact onto digital safety

Sustainability and constant update of your security procedures is another important aspect of long-term protection of your organization’s systems. Devising checks and controls is part of sustainability planning.

Complexity of IT security measures requires expert approach. Hiring a professional IT security consultant may save your organization thousands of dollars.

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